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30 Minute Healthy Southwestern Soup


 In the winter, a hot and flavorful soup can really warm you up. I love a good southwestern combination of flavors including black beans, corn and chicken. This is a quick and easy healthy favorite that feeds a nice sized group. Tasty Tip: If you would like to have an extra “kick” , add thinly sliced fresh jalapenos and toss them on the top. Tasty Tip #2: Garlic is a wonderful ingredient to add to your meals to promote overall health and boost immunity. The […]

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Kid’s Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie


Over the years, there have been many renditions of this elusive recipe. I tend to like a cookie that is not too thick and cake-like, but also not paper thin either. The middle has to be soft and gooey while the outer edges need to make a little “crunch” sound when you bite into it. Let me tell you, this is no easy task to create! When I had kid’s of my own, we did our own taste test and this recipe received the award in our home for the best chocolate chip cookie ever.

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Fast and Simple Texas Sheet Cake


 Who doesn’t love a cake like brownie with cooked fudge frosting? This cake has been known over time in our house as the Texas Sheet Cake. When I first moved up North from Georgia, everyone kept asking me, “How do you make those brownies?”. At first, I had no idea what they were talking about because I hadn’t actually made brownies for them. Later, I realized that they were referring to the Texas Sheet Cake that I had cut into squares and shared at a […]